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Welcome to the Vertically-Integrated Projects series of courses. VIP is composed of several individual projects, each project team has a unique topic and one or more faculty advisors. Some key differences between typical lecture/lab courses and VIP are:

  • Team's function similar to a workplace environment, working on real-world problems rather than repeating a common exercise.
  • Projects build upon the previous semesters' work.
  • Students within a project are expected to work collaboratively to develop both their individual skills and to achieve the team's goals.
  • Students are expected to be self-motivated, pursuing the necessary knowledge and effort to contribute to the team.
  • While the faculty advisers help with the goal, they typically do NOT have the detailed answers on the solution to the problems, and expect the students to apply their own knowledge and skills to develop the solutions.

Some things you need to review to come up to speed with the VIP concept. Your team, both the advisor and just as importantly your returning teammates, will have other material for you to learn specific to your team's project.

  1. The Spring 2017 presentation for new VIP students.
  2. VIP Orientation video
  3. The VIP syllabus.
  4. The VIP grading and evaluation sheet
  5. Design Notebook Examples
  6. Getting_Started_on_the_Wiki