2024 Consortium Meeting - Registration

Georgia Tech is happy to host the 2024 VIP Consortium Meeting Thursday and Friday, May 9-10, with a workshop for prospective and early-stage sites Wednesday, May 8. The meeting is intended for current, emerging, and prospective VIP Directors and Coordinators, as well as key stakeholders at their institutions. The meeting is highly participatory with a focus on peer-to-peer exchange. Georgia Tech typically hosts two guests from each institution. If you would like to request an execption to this, please email Mitsuko Ito at mitsuko.ito@ece.gatech.edu.

Guests from institutions that have VIP teams are asked to bring:

  • A laptop
  • A spreadsheet of their VIP instructors: VIP team name, instructor name, home department, and email addresses (1 row per instructor)
  • Program-level enrollment numbers for your most recent academic term
  • Ability to pull up resources you've found useful (course descriptions, marketing materials or strategies, etc.)


For Name Tag
College, University or Institution Name
Department, school, unit, etc
Phone number
Protein preferences.
Most meals will be buffet style, with protein preferences provided to the caterer (number of vegetarians, etc.). If you need a boxed-lunch to accommodate dietary needs, please describe and we will do our best to accommodate.
We may have a session for institutions by region.
How would you describe your institution's stage of VIP Program establishment?
Notes on travel dates
The workshop for new and prospective VIP sites will be held on May 8th, Wednesday, around 2 or 3pm. If you plan to attend, depending on your travel time, you may wish to arrive on May 7th, Tuesday. Otherwise, guests from nearby time zones and students will mostly arrive May 8th, Wednesday, midday or evening, and depart on May 10th, Friday afternoon, as programming will end before 1pm on Friday. Institution guests from distant time zones may arrive on May 7th, Tuesday for time adjustment, then depart on May 10th, Friday. More information and guidelines on hotel and reservation can be found here : https://vip.gatech.edu/2024-consortium-meeting-hotel
Would you like to attend the Wednesday afternoon workshop?
Please share your scheduled arrival date to Atlanta. Or if commuting, first date of attendance.
Please share your scheduled departure date. Or if commuting, last date of attendance.
Will you have a hotel room direct-billed to GA Tech? And/or will you need parking to be provided?
Are you requesting an exception to the number of hotel nights that will be direct-billed to Georgia Tech? The default option is, two nights for guests from nearby time-zones, and three for guests from distant time-zones.
Are you attending as a faculty, staff, assisting graduate student, undergraduate student or other? Undergraduate students, please also reach out to Leah Misemer at lmisemer6@gatech.edu