Centralized Services

Picture of a VIP Poster Information Session used to recruit students to VIP teams.The VIP Program supports VIP instructors and teams through a variety of centralized services.

Student recruiting

  • Online team listings that students can filter by major and UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Campus-wide email campaigns aligned with Phase I & Phase II registration
  • Targeted recruiting for low-enrollment teams (emails to specific majors, students who’ve completed specific classes, etc.)
  • Poster information sessions (planned by VIP, posters presented by teams)
  • Recruiting presentations (freshman experience classes, transfer student classes, orientation programs)
  • Recruiting tables (new student orientation, periodic during the school year, etc.)
  • Web-based application system
  • Central approval of student applications in teams' early semesters.  Instructors typically take over in the second semester or year.


  • Policies on how credits count toward degree requirements (set by academic units, listed on VIP website)
  • Campus-wide subject codes and courses

Centralized Instructional Services

  • Standard course framework:
    • Grading: 1/3 contributions, 1/3 documentation, 1/3 teamwork
    • Instructors give feedback to students at midterm and end of semester
  • Semesterly syllabus templates
  • VIP Notebook grading rubrics
  • Peer Evaluations
    • Centrally administered
    • Color coded results with evaluations by each student for classmates, and for each student by classmates
    • Social network diagrams
  • Web-based grading and feedback platform

Faculty Professional Development

  • Videos on best practices in team start-up
  • Workshops for new instructors shortly before their first semester begins (week before classes begin in Fall, before winter break for Spring)
  • Round-table lunches, and lunch-and-learn sessions led by VIP instructors
  • Faculty Professional Learning Communities can also be coordinated with CTL

No Overhead/Indirect for Team Sponsorships

  • VIP teams can be sponsored in the same way as Senior Design projects, with 100% of funding going to the team for “student participation,” with no overhead/indirect costs.  Click here for details.