ECE Professional Communications

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Professional Communications Options

To fulfill ECE's junior-level Professional Communications requirement, students may:

  • Enroll in ECE 3005, a one-credit, classroom-based course;


  • Participate in ECE 3006 (zero-credits) and use writing assignments and presentations from another program (such as VIP) to fulfill the requirements.

Signing up for ECE 3006

Students do not register for ECE 3006 like a regular course. Instead, students sign up for the program through ECE's Undergraduate Professional Communication Program (UPCP) office. Students then work with UPCP staff on written assignments and presentations for a program in which the student is already participating, such as VIP. After all ECE 3006 requirements are completed, the instructor issues a registration permit. Students then register for ECE 3006 for the following semester, to document their completion. Students must fulfill all ECE 3006 requirements before registering for ECE 4011.

To use VIP for ECE 3006:

  • SIGN-UP/INTAKE: You can sign up (1) at a qualifying ECE 3006 info session or (2) make an appointment with the ECE 3006 Instructor, Anna Holcomb. Not all students are eligible for ECE 3006. You must be approved by UPCP faculty before you can participate in the online-hybrid course. We do course intake during the first two weeks of the semester. The course officially begins on Monday of the 3rd week of the semester, and you must log-in and get started at this time.

    Please note: You will not register for ECE 3006 in OSCAR like a typical course. You will be manually added to the class Canvas site.

  • Let your VIP instructor know that you'd like to fulfill your ECE 3006 Professional Communications requirement through VIP. If you do not already know, ask what kinds of writing and presentations you would normally do for your VIP team.

    • Identify two deliverables that would be useful to the team:

      • one technical document (5-7 pages)

      • one presentation (10 minutes)

  • As you work on the deliverables, work one-on-one with designated UPCP faculty. You must get instruction and feedback on the documents and presentations as they're being worked on, not after they are turned in or presented. Papers, reports, posters and presentations from previous semesters will not count.

  • Upon completion of the deliverables, the communications instructor will issue a permit to register for ECE 3006 for the next semester.

Students will not be able to register for ECE 4011 (Senior Design I) until they have registered for ECE 3006. Therefore, students should plan to complete all deliverables prior to Phase I registration, when they register for ECE 4011.