How Credits Count: Information Technology Management


The ITM area will allow 3 hours of concentration Group B credit for long-term participation in selected VIP projects in which the role played by the ITM student reinforces the educational goals of the ITM concentration.


Students who earn 6 hours of VIP course credit with a grade of “C” or better in projects approved for the ITM Concentration may use 3 of those hours to fulfill 1 Group B elective in the ITM concentration. Hours earned below 3 or greater than 3 may not be applied to the Group B requirement. However they may count as non-business electives toward the BSBA degree or as free electives. Note: Students involved in VIP projects for 2 or more years will normally apply 3 or more VIP course credits to the non-business elective or free elective requirement for the BSBA.

 Only pre-approved projects will be allowed for ITM Group B credit. No project will be considered retroactively.

First, if a student is interested in a specific project, they should verify that the team is seeking business students as members. Currently over 20 teams are seeking business students. Team information is at:

Second, if the student identifies a team they are interested in joining, they should contact the ITM faculty member who is managing the area’s participation in the program to be sure that the team’s project is eligible. Otherwise the project will be ineligible for consideration for ITM credit. Faculty member contact information is at:

Third, once approval for a particular project and role is given by ITM, the student must apply and be accepted to the team that is working on the project of interest.  The form for doing this is at:

Fourth, if accepted to a project, register for the appropriate VIP course. VIP course numbers indicate the year (2..4) and the credit (01..02). Each VIP project is indicated by a section identifier of a VIP course for the appropriate level and credit. There are 5 VIP courses that ITM students may enroll in for Group B Credit (approved sections only):

·         VIP 2601: VIP Project Team (1 hour credit)

·         VIP 3601: VIP Project Team (1 hour credit)

·         VIP 3602: VIP Project Team (2 hours credit)

·         VIP 4601: VIP Project Team (1 hour credit)

·         VIP 4602: VIP Project Team (2 hours credit)

Note: If the student is not interested in ITM Group B credit, they can join any VIP project that invites them, regardless of the role they would play, and count all the hours as non-business or free electives.

Please check with your academic advisor if you have questions on how credits count.