Warren Batts VIP Innovation Award - Spring 2020 - Winners!

Warren Batts VIP Innovation Award - Spring 2020


The Warren Batts Innovation Award recognizes students who experience academic and professional growth through VIP and who substantially contribute to their VIP projects. 

Thank you to all who submitted applications and recommendations for our annual VIP Innovation Award Scholarship. After reading through all of our entries, it is clear that our VIP students are leading the way in scholarship and exploration efforts at Georgia Tech. After much deliberation among the VIP staff, we are pleased to announce our 2 (two) winners who will each receive ~$5,337.50 in scholarship funds.


Congratulations to:


  • Luke Donovan of Robotic Human Augmentation. The instructor of Robotic Human Augmentation, Aaron Young says, “[Luke’s] enthusiasm for research makes him an excellent candidate because he is always wanting to learn new concepts and understand how to implement them. Luke is very independent and accomplishes tasks quickly and helps create elegant solutions".


  • Stefan Abi-Karam of Configurable Computing & Embedded Systems. Mike Ruiz, the instructor of Configurable Computing says, “Based on [Stefan’s] performance during his successful initial semester, Mr. Abi-Karam earned the opportunity in his second semester to serve as Team Lead for a newly established technical team focused on the development of a broader hardware acceleration framework for machine learning applications. This work proved to be beneficial even outside of the VIP program as it was directly applied to research he has conducted for GTRI”.


So great to read the compelling testimonials of VIP advisors about our students! Congratulations to both winners!


Luke Donovan (left) & Stefan Abi-Karam (right)


Warren Batts VIP Innovation Award - Spring 2020 - Winners!