Health Informatics On FHIR

2015 ~ Present | Children Health of Atlanta; Emory; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Geisinger Health System; Industrial members I3L


To develop, evaluate and deploy health applications that can help doctors take care of their patients and patients do their part.

Issues Involved or Addressed

Electronic health record systems (EHRs) are now widely used by physicians but often don’t share data (interoperability) or provide efficient user interfaces. They also often fail to support efficient workflow and process or to provide clinical decision support to help physicians make accurate diagnoses, avoid mistakes, and prescribe optimal therapies. Patients should be more involved in their own care but usually lack tools to make that intuitive and easy. The new FHIR standard combines a simplified data model with web services to provide a vehicle for developing interoperable solutions to these problems by essentially turning proprietary EHR systems into an 'open' app platform facilitating rapid deployment and commercialization of successful apps. FHIR also offers the prospect of aggregating data from many EHRs for use in analytics to discover new medical knowledge. Teams will design and develop real world FHIR apps to help solve problems they define or that are posed by mentors from the various project partners and sponsors. They will use Georgia Tech’s FHIR and SMART on FHIR platforms located in the Interoperability & Integration Innovation Lab.

Methods and Technologies

  • HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)

Academic Majors of Interest

  • BusinessGeneral Management
  • BusinessIT Management
  • BusinessStrategy and Innovation
  • ComputingComputer Science
  • EngineeringBiomedical Engineering
  • EngineeringIndustrial Engineering
  • Online MastersAnalytics synchronous
  • Online MastersComputer Science synchronous
  • Other

Preferred Interests and Preparation

CS – Programming background in keeping with the SMART on FHIR platform (refer to the document mentioned above). User interface design. ISyE – Workflow and process improvement. BME – Background in health IT systems, electronic health records. MGMT – Background in marketing, commercialization. Interest in the healthcare industry.

Meeting Schedule & Location

Meeting Location 
Klaus 1440
Meeting Day 

Team Advisors

Dr. Myung Choi
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute
Dr. Mark Braunstein
  • Interactive Computing
Dr. Daniel T.
  • Emory University
Dr. Hany Atallah
  • Emory University

Partner(s) and Sponsor(s)

Children Health of Atlanta; Emory; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Geisinger Health System; Industrial members I3L

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