Share Your Good News! Agile Locomotion & Manipulation

Hi, Everyone!

The VIP program at Georgia Tech is starting a new series, "Share Your Good News", where we'll display the AWESOME work our VIP teams are doing.

First up-to-bat is Agile Locomotion & Manipulation. This team, run by Ye Zhao, focuses on planning, control, and decision-making algorithms of highly dynamic, under-actuated, and human-cooperative robots in complex environments.

Recently, the Athena Team within Zhao's VIP team built a biomimetric and dexterous robot avatar! This robot aims for dynamic in-hand manipulation and grasping tasks. The undergraduate team has submitted an abstract to the 2020 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics and has been working towards a journal publication.

SHOUT OUT to the following students involved: Hogan Welch, Timothy Brumfiel, Emil Muly, and James Blunting!

Share Your Good News! Agile Locomotion & Manipulation