Electrical & Computer Engineering Senior Design

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers three pathways for Senior Capstone Design:

ECE Senior
Design Pathway
Before Senior Design Senior Design Part I Senior Design Part II Total
Senior Design
2 hours
Choose 1:
  • ECE 3872 (Jr Des)
  • ECE research
  • ECE 4xxx elective
1 hour
Senior Design Part I (ECE 4871)
2 hours
Senior Design Part II
(ECE 4872)
5 credit hours
Senior Design
  2 hours
Junior Design
(ECE 3872)
3 hours
Choose 1 ECE 4723 option:
  • Single-semester ECE project
  • Multidisciplinary design project
5 credit hours
Senior Design

2 or more hours of VIP
(on the same team)

Meet with Chris Malbrue
before beginning Senior
Design Part I

Notify ECE Academic Advisor of the intent to use the VIP pathway

1-2 hours of VIP
(on the same team)

and ECE 4871

2 hours of VIP*
(on the same team)
ECE 4872
5-8 credit hours

* The new Senior Design policy differs from the previous policy in the number of credits taken in the last semester. Students who need 3 VIP credits instead of 2 in their final semester can still take VIP for 3 credits, as under the old model.


Students using VIP for ECE Senior Designs must follow the timeline below:

Timeframe Meetings* Forms &
2 Semesters before Senior Design Part II

Chris Malbrue (VIP)

ECE Academic Advisor

  Meet with Chris Malbrue to review VIP Senior Design process/requirements.
Senior Design Part I If the VIP Instructor is not from ECE, meet with Secondary Project Advisor

Senior Design Proposal

Due by Withdrawal deadline during SD 1 semester. Submit to Chris Malbrue. The form requires project advisor signatures:
  • If the student's VIP Instructor is not in ECE, the student will need to find a secondary advisor in ECE.
  • Professor Aaron Lanterman volunteered to review projects and to either serve as secondary advisor or recommend one.
Senior Design Part II 3 meetings with Secondary Project Advisor Midterm & Final Reports Midterm and final reports to be submitted to Chris Malbrue and your project advisor(s).
Final Presentation
  • Presentation requirements are set by your VIP instructor(s).
  • Notify Chris Malbrue of the presentation in advance.
  • If you have a Secondary Project Advisor, coordinate the presentation with them as well.
VIP Notebook, Other Deliverables Submit a PDF of your VIP Notebook & instructor-defined deliverables (write-ups, etc.) to Chris Malbrue.

* Meetings in addition to regular VIP team meetings