Electronic ARTrium

2021 ~ Present | Potential sponsors are being contacted


Design and build an immersive, interactive, interesting and engaging sensor-driven dynamic art installation. The installation consists of a combination of three kinds of original art — sound, mechatronics, and projected video — that all respond to participant motion in a synchronized way. Key points in participants’ poses, extracted in real time from camera output, are processed and then streamed over Ethernet to control the images, sound, and mechatronic movement. The goal is to give the participants a sense of wonder and intrigue as they experiment with how their body movements change the art. The first generation of this installation is entitled “Raise Your Hand” and will include an abstract, darker environment alongside a more realistic, brighter environment. The darker environment will have internally lit mechatronic mushrooms and a rear-projected video wall; the mushroom caps will spin and get brighter and the video will show more activity when hand is raised. The highlighted area will be defined by a 5-foot-wide suspended umbrella and directional speaker. The umbrella will be lit with a projected image of looking up at wind-blown trees, sky, and animated birds; the bright area also has mechatronic flowers that move and change color and musical changes in response to raising a hand.

  • In Spring 2022, the team has focused on learning the music and visual art technologies, composing the interactive visual art and music, development of the mechatronic prototypes, and developing the Ethernet network that connects all the devices.
  • In Fall 2022, the team expects to complete the Ethernet networking, implement projection mapping for the umbrella, scale and augment the mechatronic plants, further develop the interactive sound and visual art, develop the ability to process multiple cameras and multiple participants per camera, and build the set for showing the installation in late October in the lobby of the Ferst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech

Issues Involved or Addressed

Design considerations include originality and artistic appeal, safety, ruggedness and reliability, synchronization of effects, latency (that is, the duration between the participant action and the environmental response), cost and practicality.


Methods and Technologies

  • Ethernet networking with UDP for communication between devices
  • Max for Live for manipulation of MIDI files
  • Ableton for sound generation
  • Unity 3D for interactive scene/image generation
  • MadMapper for projection mapping
  • MediaPipe and AlphaPose for key point tracking
  • SolidWorks for mechanical design
  • Arduino with Motor Shield for DC motors for mushroom movement
  • Arduino with servo motors for flower movement

Academic Majors of Interest

  • Computational Media
  • Computer Science
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Industrial Design
  • Music Technology
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Robotics

Preferred Interests and Preparation

The student should be interested in the intersection of art and technology and in building things. Some programming experience will be helpful.


Meeting Schedule & Location

Meeting Location 
Van Leer 465
Meeting Day 

Team Advisors

Dr. Mary Ann Weitnauer
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
Thomas Martin
  • Georgia Tech Research Institute

Partner(s) and Sponsor(s)

Potential sponsors are being contacted