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  • The built environment plays a fundamental role in hour daily life. It impacts our health, performance, stress levels, social relations, and even the contagion of COVID-19. This project explores expanding the Building Performance Analytics towards a dynamic spatiotemporal framework, studying the characteristics of spaces combined with human activities and organizational processes that...

  • Create, fabricate, and flight test unmanned air vehicles intended for a special purpose or technology demonstration.

  • Electronic sports, known as esports, are experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity thanks in large part to technological advances in network connectivity, game engines, online streaming platforms, and novel fan experience engagements. Over 300 million fans have streamed more than 300 million hours on the Twitch platform alone, and global viewership is now expected to exceed 400 million....

  • The goal of the VoterTech team is to investigate factors that affect voter turnout among college students and developing technologies to facilitate: • Voter registration • Transportation to the Polls on Election Day or for Early Voting (via ride sharing) • Early and Absentee voting • Reporting of Voting Irregularities

  • This concept builds on a broader notion of psychological resilience or positive adaptation to adverse situations.