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The Vertically-Integrated Projects (VIP) Program

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General VIP:

VIP Orientation for New Students

Resources: Syllabus, Overview, Grading, Tutorials, and other information

Spring 2011 VIP Competition Papers

Getting Started on the Wiki

Purchasing parts, materials and supplies

Team Wiki pages:

2D Heterostructure Synthesis

21st Century Global Atlanta

21st Century Security Challenges

Academic Resilience

ACT Driving Simulator

Active Safety for Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Vehicles

Advanced Graphene Battery Technology

Agile Communications

Agile Locomotion & Manipulation

AI-Discovery and Innovation

Art & AI

Atmospheric Electricity

Augmented Reality Experiences

Automated Algorithm Design

Automotive LIDAR



Big Bio-Data Recapture

Big Data and Quantum Mechanics

Big Data and Learning Analytics

Bio-inspired Network Dynamics and Geomechanics

Big Data Analytics for Public and Private Enterprises


Bits of Good


Brain Trauma Assessment Protocols

Building for Equity and Sustainability

CDC Organ Match-Maker


Chip Scale Power & Energy

Civic Data and Design

Collaborative Air,Sea, and Underwater Autonomous Vehicles

Community & Digital Archives Project

Computational Structural Biology

Concussion Connect

Configurable Computing & Embedded Systems

Collaborative Workforce

Curiosity-Driven Frugal Science

Data-Driven Education

Deliberate Innovation

Design Bloc

Design Space Construction

Diabetes and Chronic Disease Systems

Digital Deliberation

East Asian Media


Embedded System Cyber Security


Energy Geotechnology

Engineering for Social Innovation

Engineering Smart Cities


E-stadium Main Page


Everyday Georgia

Evolutionary Mechanics

Exploratory Robotics (formerly Jetpack-X for Mars)

Future Technology for Sports

Global Social Entrepreneurship

Gravitational Wave Astrophysics

GT Motorsports

GT Off-road

GT Mobile STEM Lab

GT Solar Racing

GTRI Robotics

Hands on Learning

Health Informatics on FHIR



Humanists at Large


Humor Genome Project (aka Wikilaughs)

Infant Health-Global Solutions

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Intelligent Digital Communications

Intelligent Platform for Crowdsourcing (IP Crowd)

IoT in Health


Language & Politics in the New South

Living Building Science

Living Dynamical Systems

Low Cost Aerial Autonomy


Medical Devices for Diabetes

Neuro-markers of Expertise

Georgia Tech Mile High Yellow Jackets University Student Launch Initiative Competition Team



Predictive Health

Reinventing Mobility in Atlanta

Retrofuturistic Hardware



Robotic Human Augmentation

Robotic Musicianship

Rock Damage Modeling and Energy Geostorage Simulation

Rogues Gallery

Science & Engineering of Animal Conservation

Secure Hardware

Smart and Connected Bioelectronics

Smart City Infrastructure

Smart^3 Makerspaces

Solar Decathlon

Special Purpose Aircraft

Subsurface Energy

Sustainable Aquaponic Systems


Team Phoenix-Cluster Competition Team (HPC)


The HipHop2020 Innovation Archive

The Future Esports Experience

The Robot Collective


Wellbeing and Mental Health

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