Affiliate Status for External Collaborators

VIP Teams that want external collaborators to have access to GT facilities and/or IT systems can set their collaborators up as Affiliates.  Affiliate status is granted by host departments (VIP instructor's home department). Affiliates are not on Georgia Tech's payroll, but they are added to the Institute's OneUSG Connect system.

As of Spring 2024, there were 7 categories for Affiliates.  The VIP program recommends the two categories below.

  • Short‐Term Research/Access (30 days to 6 months)
    GT Background check not required
    Job Code: 995xA4
  • Research/Collaboration (up to 5 years)
    GT Background check required
    Job Code: 995xA5

Be sure to reference the job codes above, and to provide clear end-dates for the appointments.  Otherwise, human resources may default you to a shorter appointment that desired.

More information from Human Resources