Notebook Rubrics

In AY 2017-2018, a VIP Faculty Learning Community explored issues related to VIP.  One of their main recommendations was to simplify VIP notebooks.  The committee identified three main purposes for notebooks, and the most basic things a notebook should show.  Using this approach we developed a baseline rubric. 

Key purposes for VIP notebooks:    

  • - Facilitate learning (organize thoughts, think about work, reflect)
  • - Documentation (document work, track progress, etc.)
  • - An assessment tool (shows individual contributions and collaborations, tangible item to grade)    

At most basic level a notebook should show:

  • - What the student did that week.
  • - What they plan to do in the coming week.

Because different instructors have different expectations, please set your own point ranges, add to the rubric to fit your needs, and feel free to use the longer rubric.

Simple Rubric

Detailed Rubric