Assistance for Proposals

The VIP Program provides support for faculty who are incorporating VIP into proposals. Beyond expenses related to team operation, there are no program-related charges. VIP can be incorporated into proposals in a variety of ways, including:

  • As broader impacts because:
    • VIP teams impact a large number of students (23/semester on average), yielding greater impact than conventional REU models.
    • VIP teams attract students from a wide range of backgrounds, which supports equity.
    • VIP can increase student interest in graduate school.
    • VIP supports workforce development, and it is associated with higher job-placement rates at graduation.
    • VIP teams attract students from a wide variety of majors, which supports an educated electorate.
  • In a CAREER proposal (faculty have received positive feedback on VIP in these)
  • As the education element of a center

To support current and prospective faculty, the program can provide:

  • Boilerplate text on VIP (program structure, student benefits, equity issues, etc.) and references
  • Letters of support
  • General statistics on VIP:
    • Number of students served
    • Proportion of degree recipients served (approximately 30% in AY 2023)
    • Majors served
    • The statistics above are also available here to anyone with a FERPA flag (academic advisors, department chairs, etc.)
  • Customized statistics:
    • Number of students an existing team has served
    • Majors an existing team has served

To request support for an upcoming proposal, please email Leah Misemer at